Gallaudet Online Learning Readiness Inventory

There are 32 statements below. Please read each statement and select one answer that best fits how you approach studying. When you are done, click 'Submit' to see your results. To protect your privacy, please EXIT or QUIT ALL of your Web browsers after you print out your results.

  • SA - Strongly agree
  • A - Agree
  • N - Neutral
  • D - Disagree
  • SD - Strongly disagree
1. I can log onto an internet service provider (ISP) and navigate to different URLs (web addresses).  
2. I have more than 6 to 9 hours per week for studying.  
3. My computer is capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution for clear video viewing.  
4. I do have a flexible schedule that will allow me to make up lost study time.  
5. I can use internet skills, such as using a search engine, identify and download files, and install or update software.  
6. I seek feedback on my writing.  
7. I take notes when I do assigned reading or watch instructional videos.  
8. I have updated virus protection software on my computer.  
9. I organize my thoughts in writing.  
10. I struggle to organize my notes.  
11. I have a hard time deciding what is important to study.  
12. My goal(s) are clear before I start a task.  
13. I need to practice my signing skills.  
14. Supervisors, co-workers, friends often ask me to expand my information.  
15. I have a hard time saying “no” to people when I need to study.  
16. I can create, save, and print documents on a computer.  
17. I worry about not being able to communicate in English or ASL with my classmates and teachers.  
18. My computer runs reliably on Windows NT/ Vista or on Mac OS 10.4 or higher.  
19. I worry so much about doing tasks that I lose track of my education goals and/or study plans.  
20. I check my course syllabus.  
21. I have reliable internet connection to high speed internet (cable, DSL).  
22. I seem to forget my goals when I feel stressed.   
23. I am confident using a computer keyboard and mouse.  
24. I feel uncomfortable when questions don't have clear answers.  
25. I do not review my notes within one day of writing them.  
26. I challenge new information from teachers, peers, readings, and/or videos.  
27. I am determined to persist with my studies.  
28. I start working on projects at the last minute.  
29. I look at information in charts, maps or chapter summaries.  
30. I do try different, new, or unusual approaches to resolve a dilemma.  
31. When I read, my mind wanders.  
32. I get overwhelmed with the required reading for class.  
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